Program & Guidelines

Our Goddess Mystery School is a virtual school and communications & interactions

are all done by email and phone.

Goddess Mystery Guidelines:

1. Our school is Goddess-based & Goddess-centered.

2. We will be offering our services until Autumn 2014.

3. We are light-based.

4. Payments can be made in person or by using paypal.

5.  All clients must have a daily spiritual practice.

6.  Reading materials are required.

7.  Healing work by Ten Nebula will be required.

8.  We work with women.

9. Binding rites to The Goddess are an aspect of this school.

10. Virtual Classroom – Work will be done by email, phone, and students are required to do assignments where they are located.

11. All students must exercise on the daily basis.

12. Students must live in the U.S.

12. All people must complete the registration form/ application to apply for our school

Student Guidelines:

Women only.

Payments can be made in person, by using Paypal.

All clients must have a daily spiritual practice.

All students must exercise on the daily basis.

Students must live in the U.S.

Our School Program:

Our mystery school is a virtual school and classroom.

Our mystery school is a 3-month program.

There are 12 weeks of lessons, practices, and assignments.

We use reading assignments, healing work, email assignments, and phone sessions to train our students.

Students will be sent a weekly email assignment sheet that discusses the lessons and exercises for that week.

Students will schedule their phone sessions & healing treatments with Ten Nebula for each week.

Our program is created to help you to heal, clear, grow, expand, hold more light, be more fully present in your body and to connect more with your essential self.
The total cost is $300.00 which can be made using Paypal.
Three Major Aspects of Our School:
Personal Study, Practice, Healing Work
Required Reading:
These books will be required to read for our mystery school.Read them before entering into our school or during your study with us.You do not have to buy them. Borrow from the library or a friend, buy them cheap on ebay, etc.  They have been specically chosen because they are light-based and will help you to alter your vibration, affect your thoughtforms/beliefs & shift your reality a bit.
1. Earth by Barbara Marciniak
2. Living with Joy by Sanaya Roman

3. Pleadian WorkBook by Amorah Quan Yin

4. You can Heal Your Life by Louise Hays

Recommended sites & books to read that focus on the Goddess craft (not required):

These books are great for beginners new to wicca and need a primer.

– The Ways of The Goddess –

– Sacred Teachings About The Goddess Craft –

– The Goddess Celebrates By Diane Stein

– The Book of Goddesses by Kris Waldherr

– The Spiral Dance by Starhawk

9 thoughts on “Program & Guidelines

      • WOW! This would have been a great program, but there is NO way I can swing that amt. Any suggestions for for something similar that is less expensive?

      • Peace and Light, Kelly

        I hope all is well with you
        thanks for your interest
        this is a great program
        and if you can not pay all at once
        you are welcome to pay in installments of $100 a month over a 3 month period.
        feel free to contact me by email with further questions


  1. Men can greatly benefit from this, especially in times when men are in desperate need of reaching their inner feminine. To deny them is a grave crime of omission.

  2. I am currently working with ariel, but have been drawn to you for a while now. how may i take this forward? when is the next 12-week course offerring?

    love, tseha alyia

  3. that is wonderful, works great for me; where can I read more about what it includes?
    Also, I am not physically near you, I am near San Francisco- just want to make sure that it will work just fine. How are we going about dealing with this aspect during this process?


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