The Three Major Aspects of Our Mystery School


This is a mystery school and study is important.

It comes in various forms here. We would like you to be focused and dedicated to your work. Our desire for you is to grow, inhabit your own body, contain lots of light, so you will be able to recieve and utilize greater wisdom & truthes from the source. We are not a school that trains people to become psychics.

There is required reading list. Also, be sure to visit our helpful tips section for incoming students.

We use reading assignments, email assignments, healing work, study, and phone sessions for our program.


The Three Major Aspects of Our Mystery School are: Practice, Personal Study, and Healing work

(1) Practice

You will have to do certain practices that will be required to do daily or weekly monthly to help you to develop your inner strength, stay grounded & centered, learn self-discliplne,and to cultivate awareness.

(2) Personal Study

You will have weekly assignments given to you to help you expand on certain topics.

Remember to be flexible, keep an open mind, and trust yourself.

(3) Healing Work

You will recieve healing work from Ten Nebula and work with etheric beings of the divine plan of light. You will also be instructed to do certain healing rituals for yourself, by yourself.

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