Helpful Tips for Our Incoming Students


Tips for Our Incoming Students

Here a few tips for our students in help their healing and learning.

1. Complete our registration form & email it to us for consideration into our school

2. Create an altar space at your home.

3. Use active prayerwork & intention daily.

4. Drink lots of water daily.

5. Exercise daily for, at least, 30 minutes.

6. Visit our other goddess sites

7. The required books can be read throughout the year or read before you start school with us.

8. Begin daily devotions to The Goddess (i.e. prayers, singing, chanting, meditation, etc)

9. Pray for yourself, your family/friends, humanity, & the earth on the daily basis

10.  Make the intention to eat in moderation & with mindfulness

11. Practice daily gratitude


Learn more, visit “The Ten Nebula Resource Library –


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